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Where to Find A HYIP

There are many resources where you can get information about HYIPs.But before I start enumerating them,a word of caution-
You may find several HYIP advertisements in your email inbox.Please don't give much importance to them as they are mostly scams(just think over why would any good and reliable HYIP engage in email scamming!)
Now coming back to our topic-
The major HYIP sources are HYIP monitor websites, discussion forums,news sites,advertisements in any other websites,etc.
HYIP monitors are websites that list a large number of HYIPs with their current status as paying/not paying.These monitor websites are owned by experienced HYIP investors who put their techniques of assessment to determine whether a HYIP is paying or not.I will give you a list of some 19 such websites arranged according to their alexa traffic ranking below:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,

Forums are another source of HYIP information .You will find several experienced and newbie investors hanging around HYIP status discussions in many forums.You can come to know about the personal experiences of other investors who have invested in any HYIP programme.Many investors also  post scam reports on any HYIP they had invested in.This information is of great help to you and you must prevent investing in such warned HYIPs.Some good forums are like,
You will find many active forums in almost all the HYIP monitor sites also.

HYIP news sites are also a good source of HYIP information.Thes sites collect latest HYIP information and give you a daily updated HYIP related news and issues.Scam news can also be found out in these sites.Some examples of HYIP news sites are like,,etc.HYIP news is also a regular feature in many of the HYIP monitor sites.

Another large source of HYIP info are advertisements.You will find such ads almost everywhere on the web & in emails as scam messages.But ads can be very deceptive also.So you must make a detailed research on such advertised HYIPs before investing.


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