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Now that you have learnt quite a bit about virtual currencies,its time to actually work with one!
As for our purpose we will consider only Egold because in most HYIP investments Egold is the preferred currency used for investing.And also Egold is the oldest and largest e-currency available today.
Moving towards the first step,you need to open an egold account to use it. Opening Egold account is absolutely free of any charge and available worldwide In order to open an online account ,go to the official website of Egold( and click on new account link..You will be taken to its account opening page.Just fill up all the required fields and set your passphrase(or in other words set your password)The passphrase should be around 10 characters long and for safety use both numeric & alphanumeric digits..This passphrase is a very secret number and you must not share it with anybody.And another thing,Egold does not send your passphrase in welcome email.So try to keep a copy of your passphrase in a safe place immediately when you set it,or else you may forget the passphrase and will not be able to access your account.
You can open multiple accounts with egold but provide valid information during opening your accounts.After signing up for a new account Egold will send a email (at the email id provided during registration) containing Egold account number.You will have to use this account number during all transactions.Keep your account number secret(it is just like your credit card number!)
After opening account you will need to fund it so as to make any investments/payments. Egold does not accept any direct currency deposits to fund client’s account.In order to fund account,take the help of third party exchange services. Transctions with digital currency exchangers is usually carried out by wire transfer, credit card, postal transfer, Western Union or check. It is important to use best and reliable e-currency exchangers to buy e-gold and fund you accounts.Funding may also occur by exchanging other e-currencies like EVOcash, netpay and paypal into E-gold.Charges may be around 3-5% for trading in dollars trough a wire transfer. If you rather like to use your credit card you should be prepared to pay higher fees.To find a good exchanger just make a research on google or look into forums.Make sure that the exchanger is a reliable one.
After funding egold account you are ready to make transactions.In order to make an investment you will need the account number to which you need to make payment to.In HYIPs there will usually be a payment button which will redirect to E-gold website.In such cases you will have to enter your account number and login with passphrase.Then send the required amount to the account number of the HYIP owner.There is no fee for sending money.
Receiving money is automatic.Whenever somebody makes a payment to you ,it is funded in your account number instantly.Just login into account with passphrase and look in the account balance link.It will contain how much egold is present in your account.In the transactions history tab you can find information about all payments received or sent.
There is a fee of 1%(maximum0.5$) in order to receive payments & a maintenance fee of 1% of the mean day balance per year.
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