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Recovery In Scam

Unfortunately there is no back-up if ever you get scammed.This is mainly because of the system flaw.Let me explain this in detail
Now supposing that you invest some amount in a HYIP and after sometime you suddenly discover that you have been scammed of your money.You would probably straightway make a complain to egold authorities about this stolen money and request either a pay back from the HYIP owners account or ask for the HYIP owner’s personal contact information from their records to enforce legal proceedings.But both in vain,egold can’t help you in either of these matters.
If you had made a large investment say a few thousand dollars) then you would probably file a case in court against the HYIP owner.But from where do you find the scammer,because he might have provided with all false contact information!Next,you have to wait for a long period(over a year) to get verdict from court.And by that time the lawyer fees would have been mor than the amount for which you claimed for!
So it is always best said-
“Don’t invest what you can’t afford to lose”


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