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Investment Strategy

The key to a profitable hyip investment is just a single word-
It means you divide total investment among several different HYIPs so as to minimize risk.Investing in a single program is risky, because if the program collapses, you lose all your money. But if you put your money into many programs, if one of the programs fails, you will still have money in other programs.So by diversifying you virtually decrease the % of lost money in your portfolio.
Profits can still be made from investments in other HYIPs that are operating simultaneously.So it is quite possible that with a wide and wise portfolio you will always make a NET profit.
How wide should portfolio be?
It should be as wide as possible.For example if your total investment is around 500$ then portfolio should include atleast 5-10(or even more) different HYIPs.Invest about 50% in long term good old HYIPs and the rest 50% in new HYIPs.These may include –
Long term HYIPs are those that give around 1.5% daily and have a good track history over 1 year with good customer support,professional web design,etc.These are real HYIPs and actually pay customers.
New HYIPs include those who pay around 2-3% daily with unique professional web design & certain degree of reliability in other factors.
You may invest in ponzi schemes that give 3-5% daily,but join them early to be in profit.
If you like to take more risk(or try your luck) then join in pure scam programmes such as 10% daily for 30 days or 25%daily for 5 days,etc.Join early during launch of the HYIP and invest very less amount to minimize risk.
Scam HYIPs are run on ponzi schemes.A ponzi is an illegal pyramid system in which higher level members are paid with the investments from newer members.They actually have a short life time.Many people lose money in these scams.Their websites are made from cheap old regular common templates(not a professional & unique design),anonymous contact information,give high interest rates(>3% daily is suspected as a ponzi),have an attractive referral system,etc.

The average life cycle of ponzi HYIPs can be stated as:

Extra Long term HYIPs(ponzi & real HYIPs)
Such HYIPs pay about 1-1.7% daily or around 25% monthly interests.They usually last for a long time over upto a year.Invest in these only if it has a good history for about a year because profit recovery is very slow.

Long term HYIPs(mostly ponzi)
They pay 2-3% daily and last for about 4-5 months.Some even last for more than half a year.These are the most optimal HYIPs for investing.

Medium term HYIPs(ponzi)
Pay around 4-7% daily.Last for about a month(sometimes 15 days) to a couple of months.

Short term HYIPs(ponzi)
Pay >10% daily.Last for few days to few weeks.

In conclusion of this section we can summarize:
Don’t invest in new programmes thet pay less interest(around 1%daily) with a poor non-professional web design,etc.It is a scam ponzi where you cannot get much profits because the programme may close before you are in profit over your principal.

Invest in long term HYIPs which pay less(around 1.7% daily),but have a unique professional web design,and other positive features of a good HYIP.Invest in them if they are already over 1 years old with good track history.

You may invest in HYIPs which pay 2-3% daily,have a professional template design & other good features.Chances to be in profit is good.

If you like to take risks then invest in ponzi schemes that pay 3-5% daily.But you should invest while the HYIP is still new so that chances of profit recovery is good before the HYIP closes.

Invest in still higher interest paying HYIPs if you can risk higher.HYIPs such as 7% daily for 60 days or 50% daily for 3 days are real scams.however if you are lucky,you can be in great profits provided you invested while the HYIP was just new.But risk factor is also very high and I suggest not to invest more than 40$-60$ in such high risk HYIPs.Its always better to avoid them.


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