Helping You Get The Basic Knowlegde Before Making Investments

Getting Started

Now that you have decided to invest,you have to make the following steps to get started-
Decide upon which HYIP(s) to invest in.
Make an online payment at the particular HYIP site through your e-currency account.
Receive payments (automatic/manual) to the same e-currency account.
Follow up maintenance.

The decision to join any particular HYIP depends upon many factors.You will learn about these later in this website.

Receiving and sending payments online are done through e-currencies.It is same as real money,except that is can be traded online only.You have to create an online account(for free!) and then fund it through your bank account or credit card.Then using this amount in your e-currency account you can do all the money transactions online.Some examples of e-currency accounts are like paypal,egold,stormpay,etc.Most of the HYIPs accept egold because of the flexibility of maintaining account.And once you have a e-currency account,you are on the threat of several hackers who can illegally get into your account and steal away all your money.So you must follow some security measures as mentioned in article section of this website.

Follow-up maintenance is important for any serious includes analysis and maintenance of personal HYIP records based upon the performance of each HYIP that you invest in.This will help you in becoming a well organized and well experienced HYIP investor.Details are described in article section later in this site.


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