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Getting Scammed

Unfortunately there is no way to assure that you won’t lose money when you join a HYIP.Basically don’t expect to get back your money,but you can definitely take your revenge by labeling the HYIP owner as a scammer and making an online(free) suit against him.You can also warn other innocent investors to be aware of that particular HYIP. If you find a HYIP site and wish to invest in,then you may follow the following steps-

Use Whois Lookup sites to find out the Web Owner details information such as IP address, Web hosting company name& address, name& registered address of the HYIP website or country of origin,etc.After you find these ,save the information for future use.

When you make payments to this HYIP then it is very important that you keep all confirmation emails containing information about amount of money deposited ,to whom you paid & on what date you paid. This is very important testimonial required whenever you want to file a case.

If you got deceived then The first things that you should do is to report about it throughout the internet.You may report it in sites such as,etc.Also make forum postings in as many forums as you can.Make sure you make a post in large forums like,,,etc.Be bold in your statements and give the actual details.I am sure people who read your report will definitely thank for your help.

Then report to egold authorities.Although they wont give back your money but still they may freeze the scammer’s egold account so that he cannot make any more transactions.Send complains to the web hosting company of the HYIP asking them strongly to suspend the hosting of that HYIP on charges of scamming.Try to give all your testimonials to convince the fact.

Finally make a fraud complaint to legal authorities.You can file a complaint at the official website of the Internet Fraud Complaint Center, administered by the US National Bureau of Investigation and the National White Collar Crime Center.Any body can file a complaint(nationality is not a bar) and its absolutely free of cost.Once they receive your complaint then they will immediately start investigations and take any necessary action as required.

Simultaneously also make complaints to other similar authorities such as,,

By following the above steps you may not get back money but ofcourse you will feel satisfied by taking revenge and prevent others from falling into their scam hands!


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