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Full Time Income

Its very possible to earn a full time income through HYIPs.But this is largely not recommended because-
HYIP returns are very unpredictable.If you lose all your money,you cannot get it back because it is difficult to trace the scammer.Even egold authorities cannot help you with that .If a case is filed in the court then legal proceedings usually take a long time for verdict & by that time your lawyer fees would have been more than the amount you claimed for!
Investing in HYIPs is like investing in gambling.You never know when you lose,thus there can never be peace of mind or job satisfaction.
And I think there is a little population who actually make full time earning through HYIPs(most of them are HYIP monitoring/HYIP related website owners and the rest few are those whom you see in forums as active senior posters)
Therefore I suggest that you keep HYIP investing as a part-time income source only


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