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Now after opening an egold account,you should be aware of the fact that all transactions once made cannot be cancelled under any circumstances.this makes egold very vulnerable to being hacked.And if your account is hacked then you cannot ask for a refund also.So its better that you take measures so as to prevent from being hacked.Follow the following measures:
it is better to access the E-gold website via their secure IP protocol ( rather than via the standard address (
When you enter the egold website see for the following:
Check for an active padlock in the browser status bar.
Check the browser location bar for a site name beginning with (exact spelling is very necessary!): or
In case a pop-up notification about a data mismatch in E-gold’s SSL security certificate,then check in the certificate for the following data:
Issued to:
Issued by: VeriSign
Thumbprint: F84F 522C E958 A443 5A37 8934 6D77 2D70 096C 6A82
If you find that the data is different from the above then just close down that window and start again with a new window.
In the egold account settings set your preferences for Browser Access settings and IP Address Change Sensitivity to high value(by default it is set
to medium level).While login to your account egold usually sends an accentPIN to the email provided during registration.You have to use this PINcode inorder to access account.This is used as a safety measure.Hence it is advised that you open a new email id and don't give its id to anybody.For opening you may consider Gmail,FastMail,etc.Its better to avoid YahooMail,Hotmail as they can be easily hacked.
While entering the passphrase its better to use the SRK feature of egold. This is because when you enter your account number and password manually, programmes like “Trojan Horses” and other spying software of this sort spot everything you type on your keyboard and transfer this information to the hackers who have sent them to your computer.SRK is a virtual keyboard and its logo is present on the right side of passphrase box.This feature opens up a virtual keyboard with alphabets arranged randomly.Use the arrow sign to see more symbols on the keyboard (such as capital letters or numbers).Click on each button on it corresponding to your passphrase.After the password is entered,close the keyboard window and hit “Enter” on actual keyboard.
After making all transactions click on the logout button to exit.Then clear all browser cookies.This can be found in the properties tab of your browser.
In addition to the above steps you should also follow the following:
Use Mozilla Firefox as your browser as it is more safe than Internet Explorer!
Use personal firewall and anti-virus softwares
Always check for windows updates on a regular basis
Use good passwords which should contain both numeric and alpha-numeric characters.
Do not disclose your password to anybody
Do not let Windows save your passwords
You are allowed to open multiple E-gold accounts.So if you are using large amounts of money,it is best advised to divide it proportionally between multiple accounts, with a different passphrase set up for each of them.Don't use the same password for your e-mail and E-gold account.And it is best not to keep large amounts of money in your account.
Do not believe in emails that claim to be coming from egold but are actually spoofed mails.So before entering your account details in response to such mails always check for the above mentioned criterias.
Keep changing your email & egold password regularly(at least monthly)
E-gold has also given security tips for its users.You may read at







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