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Due Deligence

First you should know that due deligence is different from due diligence.The later refers to a business term used for accessing the credibility of a client during sanctioning loans,etc.Due deligence applied in the sense of investing is however used to refer to certain techniques of self analysis made before actual investing.When you have made some research on your HYIP programme,make a little more effort in checking out these following points.And if you are intending to become a part-time earner,then you must learn to gain efficiency in these following-

Begin with the website name of the HYIP.Check if the domain name is free or a paid domain name.Free domains names(sub-domains) are like whereas paid domains are just the extension may also be something else like .net,.info,etc).HYIPs hosted at free hosting are pure scam.Aviod them at all costs.

Look for contact info of the HYIP administrator.If the contact email is a free email account such as,etc ,then resist yourselves from investing in such a HYIP.If a HYIP which cannot even afford to get a paid hosting/email, then how can it pay high interests to you!

See in the contact information if they give you a postal address/telephone number.if not,then may be the HYIP administrator does not want himself to be revealed to the public.Don’t trust him, the HYIP may not be very reliable.

Notice the websites design of the HYIP.If the design looks unique & professional,then it’s a good sign.If the site is built on similar looking common cheap template design with an indifferent faqs section,then probably the HYIP is not intended to last for a long time.A good HYIP should have a professional design with fast and well responsive customer care.

Read through all the text in their website.ther should not be much spelling errors.And they must not over-emphasize again & again over their high interest returns.

What is their interest return rate?Any HYIP which claims to pay more than 3% daily is probably a scam & will not last for a long time.Many HYIPs promise to pay high rates such as 10% daily for 30 days or 50% daily for 3 days,etc.They cannot possibly be genuine because it is not very possible to make so much profit from actual forex/trading in such little time!

Do they offer referral income?If so then this is a bad sign.Because giving referral money means asking investors to recruit others to their HYIP.If a HYIP is good then it will eventually gain reputation & people will invest in it without the help of referrers. Anyhow small referral money is usually given in many good HYIPs also.So a HYIP with no referral is a good sign.

Mark what is the minimum investment required.Many HYIPs have minimum investment as less as 1$,5$,10$ or so.Just ask yourself ,what kind of trading will any HYIP do with 1$ or 10$ from you! Actually they don’t trade at all.they are just ponzi schemes.Dont invest large amounts in them.A good HYIP should probably have a minimum investment of around 40$-60$.

Check out if the payments are daily,weekly or monthly.Daily payouts are best preferred because with every day of the programme’s existence,your chances to be in profit increase.

Many HYIPs offer investors with an internal account on their sites wherein the interest is deposited.Later on the amount is transferred to your online account(e-currency) on request.Others have no internal accounts and pay you directly to your egold account.The second is preferably better.

Check for whios information about the HYIP domain name.If you find irrelevant information such as random meaningless words or controversial contact information ,then it is better to avoid.The whois data shows domain name,registration date,expiration date,administrative contact,etc.If the HYIP says it has been in this HYIP industry for a long time,but domain name was registered a few months back only ,then its reliability is in doubt.You can use to see the whois information for free.

Respectable HYIPs never spam or let their users spam with their links.So if you came to know about a HYIP through a spam email then be careful!

Look up in the about us/faq section in the HYIP site.If it provides a similar set of information that you see in most other HYIP sites then,it has got an uncustomised cheap script.The HYIP may not be genuine.

Email the administrator of HYIP and ask him questions like “how can you make pay so high interests?” , ”Who are you and where do you stay?” , “Can you have a telephonic conversation with me sometime?”
If the webmaster dosent bother to reply,or replies in a very awkward & non-convincing manner then he is trying to hide away facts from you.He will never say that he is running a ponzi scheme,but you have to identify it! You amy also ask for previous business history to evaluate the ability of the HYIP owner to make the desired profits with your investment.
You will get experienced in all these aspects as you spend more time in this HYIP world! So never worry if you cant make a final conclusion from accessing the above factors, you woll gradually learn them with time.It is very strongly recommended to read our free hyip investment guide first before developing your actual due deligence skills.


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