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In every decission making on investing in HYIPs you have to take help of a lot of tools.I think the most important among them is the use of forums.Its the most useful and the most updated source to HYIP information.They have almost all the necessary data that you need to analyse before making any investment in that particular HYIP.And forums are also very easy to use.
Now let me explain why forums are important.Firstly they are the meeting places of investors like you and me.Its an online community of like-minded people who share their thoughts and experiences.You got to learn a lot of things from them for FREE.Thus every investor should necessarily devote some time to forums so that you can know the present trends going on in the HYIP world.And you can even ask for help in making your decissions,because there are a lot of experienced investors who will be more than happy to help you!
Another good thing about forums is that they are updated most recently.The most active forums have the lates news(almost within a few couple of hours)!So this is especially beneficial in scam warnings.
Hyip forums have different topics under which discussions are carried out.These topics range from technical support to personal experience
talks.Once you learn forum posting you will get addicted to it.Thus its both fun with learning.
Forums should be a routine follow-up before and after making an investment.Before investment forums help you in determining the present status of the HYIP that you want to invest in.Just search through different threads on any particular HYIP and make an analysis about its worth.If not many people complain about that HYIp & it has many favourable comments then that makes a positive point in favour for that HYIP.However if most of the posts make complaints against,then thats a negative point.People should give a little more weightage to negative comments than positive ones because after all your money is at risk & you should not get it being scammed away!
Some of the good forums are like Gold-Horizons, Web Life e-Business Forum,etc.Neverthless to mention is the most popular and heavy traffic drawing forum which is almost a must for all investors.Many other forums may be found in HYIP monitoring websites.Forums are also a feature of many HYIPs itself but most of them are like customer support forums,so it is better advised not to believe/waste too much time in such forums.
But the negative part of forums is that many HYIP owner deploy fraud posters who are paid to post false positive feedback in order to promote their HYIP.Also there are HYIPs who employ people to post false negative comments against their rival counterpart HYIPs.So how do you believe which posts are authentic?Well the general rule is that if in a particular HYIP thread there are much more negative comments than positive ones then your decission should go against that HYIP.And you must also look into several other forums about that particular HYIP before coming to a conclusion.Another thing to notice is that any positive feedback should not be over-exaggerated.That would most probably be a fraud response!
Finally a thing to be noted is that If you are using any forum to get knowledge then please make your knowledge and experience also posted to help others.Be prompt in giving feedbacks because that may help save somebody's money!







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